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Are You Oblivious to the Secret Game Being Played Around You? with Art of Charm Host Jordan Harbinger

June 1, 2016
You may be oblivious to the secret relationship rules around you - and in this episode with Art of Charm host Jordan Harbinger we dig into what you can do to avoid the biggest mistakes and pitfalls when building relationships with influential people, looking at many different examples and stories.
If you want to take your relationships to the next level - listen to this episode!
Jordan is the co-founder and host of The Art of Charm - one of the top 50 podcasts on iTunes with more than two million downloads per month, he was named by Forbes as one of the 50 best relationship builders anywhere, and Inc Magazine called him the "Charlie Rose of Podcasting.”
We discuss the following topics:
-How you might be oblivious to the secret game being played around you
-The major networking mistakes you’re making
-How to build relationships with influential people
-How you might be sabotaging your relationships
-Why you should focus on providing value to others first
-How to create a scalable way to provide value to your network
-The “double-opt in” tactic
-Why it's a bad idea to ask “how can I help you?"
-And much more!