The Science of Success

Can You Have It All In Career and Life? Learn the Secrets of Multipotentialites with Emlie Wapnick

August 3, 2017
In this episode we discuss what to do if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, we look at the concept that you only have one true calling, we learn how to become a better big picture thinkers, we look at the superpowers you can develop by being a “multi-potential-ite,” how to master rapid learning and cultivate beginners mind, the fallacy behind the phrase “jack of all trades,” and much more with Emilie Wapnick.
Emilie is a speaker, career coach, founder of the popular blog Puttylike, and author of the book How To Be Everything: A Guide for those who still don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Her TED talk has been 3.7 million times and translated into over 36 languages. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Lifehacker, and more.
  • How Emilie’s diverse interests and passions lead her down the path of creating a community of people who wanted to do more than just focus on one thing in their lives
  • What does it mean to be “puttylike”
  • Who are Multi-potential-ites and what makes them so interesting and powerful?
  • Do you have a destiny, one true calling?
  • How the industrial revolution shaped our language and understanding of “what you do” being who you are (and why that’s wrong)
  • The idea that there is one specific thing you should master is a socially reinforced illusion & narrative
  • Do you have to focus on one thing to be able to be successful?
  • The assumption that you can either be a master of one thing or a jack of all trades is fundamentally flawed
  • There are nonlinear and multi-connected and multi-faceted domains of knowledge that multi-potential-ites thrive in
  • The diminishing returns and 80/20 principle behind mastering knowledge in different domains
  • The Superpowers of Multipotentialites
    • Idea Synthesis
    • Rapid Learning (and passion)
      • Adaptability
    • Big Picture Thinking
    • Relating and translating
  • How to cultivate the ability to be a better big picture thinker
  • Pattern recognition underpins many of these super-powers
  • How to master rapid learning and cultivate beginners mind
  • The power of exploring other fields and domains and how that can bring back new knowledge to the field you’re an expert in
  • The 4 common approaches that multi-potentialites use to succeed financially in today’s world
    • The “group hug” approach - combining all your interests into one thing
    • The “slash” approach - creating separate and distinct revenue streams that you focus on fractionally
    • The “Einstein” approach - find a job that supports your true passion
    • The “Phoenix” approach - diving deep into a field, then pivoting out into something completely else
  • What you do for money isn’t necessarily more valuable than the other things you do in your life
  • Failure Celebration Week and taking the stigma away from failure
  • If you had 10 lives what would you want to be in each of them?
  • How to cultivate the variety you need in your life and career
  • The importance of getting everything out of your head and onto paper
  • And much more!