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Four Questions That Will Change Your World - An Exploration of “The Work” with Byron Katie

March 8, 2018

In this episode, we take a journey into the inquiry know as “The Work’ and uncover the 4 question framework that you can use to break down negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. We examine what happens when we argue with reality, look at the difference between being right and being free, explore the causes of suffering, and much more with our guest Byron Katie. 

Byron Katie is an American speaker, author, and founder of the method of self-inquiry known as “The Work”. She has worked with millions of individuals at both private and public events in prisons, hospitals, treatment centers, universities, and schools. She is the author of three bestselling books and her work has been featured in TIME, The Huffington Post, Oprah, and much more!

  • What happens when you don’t accept reality?
  • Do you like it when you scrape your knee?
  • How should you deal with negative experience?
  • Missing the miracle of life by arguing with it
  • What happens when we get caught up in having to be right?
  • Why it’s painful to “believe your own thoughts” and why you should question your own thinking
  • The Four Questions of “The Work” that can allow you to challenge your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Using the “Four Questions” to meditate on and reflect on challenges in your life
  • How to become a better listener, listening is powerful
  • When you argue with someone else, you miss valuable information and become disconnected with that person
  • We are often looking outside for the answers to our questions - we should instead look inside
  • The only way to change the world is to question what you believe about the world?
  • How to be open and fearless
  • What you think that causes your suffering - it's only what you’re thinking and believing that causes your suffering
  • Test it for yourself
  • What we think and believe create our identities
  • What you THINK causes your suffering - it's not the external world. The events of the
  • People don’t need to change - what you think and believe about them could use some work
  • Be aware of your life right here, right now - the value and the gift of life and how to take care of it.
  • The Four Questions of the Work and how you can apply each of them
    • Is it true?
    • Can I absolutely know that it’s true?
    • Who am I when I believe this to be true?
    • Who would I be without this thought?
  • Turnaround
    • You can never change others but you can always change yourself