How This Government Agency Spy Recruiter Hacked Psychology To Change Anyone’s Behavior with Robin Dreeke

September 28, 2017
How this FBI spy recruiter hacked evolutionary psychology to learn to change anyone’s behavior, 5 steps for “strategizing” trust, how to get someone’s brain to reward them for engaging with you, the vital importance of self awareness, the power of not keeping score, and much more with Robin Dreeke. 
Robin began his career in law enforcement in 1997 after serving in the United States Marine Corp. Robin has directed the behavior analysis program of a federal law enforcement agency and has received training and operational experience in social psychology and the science of relationship management. Robin is currently an agent of the FBI and the author of “It’s Not All About “Me”” and the upcoming book The Code of Trust.
  • How Robin went from being a hard charging type-a individual to learning the principles of actually inspiring people and changing behavior
  • Robin’s main job was to recruit spies
  • How manipulating, pressuring, bullying people doesn’t work - and why learning that lessons in counter-intelligence is one of the most powerful places to learn the lesson
  • The Art Form of Inspirating Anyone and Getting them to do what you want
  • The New Car Effect - and what that has to do with influencing and inspiring anyone
  • "Strategizing Trust" - the five steps of trust 
  • How the old conception of leadership is flawed and ineffective
  • How being hard charging, type-a, and in your face is backwards from what you need to be successful
  • How the crucible of counter-intelligence doesn’t afford you the luxury of making mistakes - and the strategies that come out of that for influencing others
  • When people don’t have to talk to you and don’t care about your title and position - you have to find the strategies that work
  • The vital importance of self awareness and honest self assessment
  • What you think you’re projecting to the world is often not what the world is seeing
  • How ego, vanity, and insecurities can hijack what you say and do
  • Listen to the people around you, take feedback, and learn how you can change
  • How strategies of inspiration and influence focus almost exclusively on the other person
  • Focus on other people, what their priorities are, and what’s important to them - that’s how you can change their behavior and influence them
  • Why should someone want to talk to you, listen to you, and do what you want?
  • Think in terms of inspiring other people, not manipulating them
  • You have to know what someone’s priorities are, and you have to speak about things in relation to their priorities
  • How seeking other people's thoughts and opinions can help you neurobiologically build trust with them
  • Leaders don’t keep scorecards. Give and let go. And wait. 
  • When you honor the healthy and happy relationships - everything falls into place and flows very easily
  • How to get someone’s brain to reward them for engaging with you
  • Honesty is one of the critical factors 
  • Why you shouldn’t convince, cajole, and manipulate people
  • How the FBI spy recruits hacked evolutionary psychology to learn to change anyone’s behavior
  • What is manipulation? 
  • How the use of lies and deception can destroy trust forever
  • Why it’s important to understand that Robin is not judging the right or wrong of any of these strategies - its just a question of what’s the most effective
  • It cost nothing to make it about other people and its one of the simplest strategies in the world - and can have a huge impact on your ability to influence and inspire 
  • Become an available resource for other people’s prosperity
  • How we can become non-judgemental and cultivate nonjudgemental validation
  • Don’t judge, but seek to understand - everyone has a reason that they believe what they believe in 
  • When you dig in, you start getting context for someone’s understanding of reality, and that helps build tolerance
  • You are the cause of most of the negative interactions in your life
  • Most people do not care what’s important to you - they care about their own priorities
  • How to recognize and prevent yourself from getting emotionally hijacked
  • The core principles of the code of trust
  • Great leaders are very empathetic and focused on OTHER people
  • Why Robin doesn’t give advice or guidance, he only asks discovery questions
  • The 5 principles of trust
    • Suspend your ego
    • Be nonjudgemental
    • Honor Reason
    • Validate Others
    • Be Generous
  • The CORE of the Code
    • Happy healthy relationships
    • open honest communication
    • available resource for the prosperity of others
  • Why should discover the GREATNESS of others - don’t focus on what people are doing wrong, focus on their greatness and what they are doing RIGHT
  • How to make relationships bloom - find out what other people’s priorities are, their needs, wants, aspirations and dreams.

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