The Science of Success

How You Are Sabotaging Yourself By Setting The Wrong Goals - And What To Do About It - With Emmy Winner & Bestselling Author Scott Halford

May 17, 2016
In this episode we dive into how to activate your brain, create and sustain momentum to make your goals a reality, how goals can often be self-sabotaging, and the neurochemistry behind how and why all of this happens with our guest Scott Halford.
If you are feeling stuck or want to make progress on a goal but can’t figure out why you’re not – listen to this episode!
Scott is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, acclaimed public speaker, and the author of Activate Your Brain. Scott is also a long-time educator of Fortune 500 executive teams on topics including achievement psychology, brain-based behavioral science, and more.
We cover some incredible topics including:
-How long term goals can self sabotage by triggering a “disgust” response in your brain (and what to do about it)
-The ways to “erase” cortisol and other stress inducing neurochemicals
-How to create momentum towards your goals and put yourself in an achievement state
-Simple strategies to “activate” your brain
-The “three brains” inside your head and what each of them is responsible for
-The truth about multi-tasking and why its impossible
-And Much More!