The Science of Success

How You Can CRUSH Self Sabotage with Dr. Gay Hendricks

September 7, 2017
In this episode we discuss how you can fall into cycles of self sabotage and constantly reset your happiness down to where you think it should be, lessons learned from coaching over 20,000 people, how to crush upper limit problems and break through the beliefs holding you back, the questions you need to discover and live in your zone of genius, and much more with Dr. Gay Hendricks. 
Dr. Gay Hendricks is the president of the Hendricks Institute, he earned his Ph.D in counselling psychology from Stanford and taught at the university of Colorado for 21 years and conducted seminars across the globe. He is also a multi bestselling author, having written more than 40 books and his work has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Oprah, and more.
We discuss:
  • Gay’s "encounter with destiny" and how it “knocked him out” of his usual way of thinking
  • Lessons from training thousands of counselors and coaches to help people transform their lives
  • Lessons from counseling and coaching over 20,000 individuals!
  • How Gay went from 300+ lbs, smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day, and transformed his entire life
  • The two “big ideas” from the Big Leap
    • Upper Limit Problems
    • Occupying your Zone of Genius
  • What are "Upper Limit Problems?"
  • How to Occupying your “Zone of Genius"
  • Success is not just financial - focusing only on financial success puts your out of balance
  • Often times its not the lack of business skills that stifle us, its lack of heart centric communication skills
  • If you’re able to bring forth what is within you, it will pave the path to success - but if you keep your emotions in, you stifle yourself
  • How a tiny bit of misalignment can create echos and rattles throughout your life
  • How we fall into cycles of self sabotage to “reset” our happiness down to where we think it should be
  • We often manufacture fears, stresses, and anxieties to stop ourselves from feeling good
  • The core fears you experience underpinning that Upper Limit Problem
  • #1 The Fear of Outshining
  • #2 The Fear of Being Fundamentally Flawed
  • Upper limit problems are rooted in fear - unless we come to terms with those - we cannot actualize our full potential
  • How to explore, lovingly, your own fears and limitations
  • The concept of having enough vs having plenty 
  • #3 The Fear of Leaving Behind or being disloyal to the people you care about
  • Do you ever feel like “things are going too well, now something bad is going to happen”
  • Focusing on what can go wrong is useful if we TAKE ACTION about it, but if we can’t act on it, its just useless worrying
  • The “quick fix” for blame and criticism - get underneath the blame, own what you’re afraid of that is causing that blame and talk about it openly and honestly 
  • How to fix broken relationships and heal communication problems in 10 minutes or less
  • Self criticism is rooted in FEAR - something you’re afraid of in yourself, or something your afraid to communicate to someone else - what is it that im basically afraid of?
  • The role shame plays in self criticism and how to find your original shaming
  • Is Life Suffering as the Buddha said?
  • Can honesty (with ourselves and our relationships) reduce suffering?
  • Begin an open hearted, open mind inquiry into what you really want
  • Ultimate success mantra - I expand in love, abundance, creativity, and success every day as I inspire other people to expand in love, abundance, success, and creativity! 
  • The idea of happiness thermostat
  • Shine in your life the way you want to shine, not in reference to other people
  • Human beings have no idea what their full potential is once they shatter their upper limits
  • Using a Lear Jet to plow a potato field
  • The Zone of Incompetence vs The Zone competence vs the Zone of Excellence vs the Zone of Genius
  • The questions you need to discover and live in your zone of genius
  • Even the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have blocks to their zones of genius
  • “All of human beings problems come from an inability to sit in a room by ourselves doing nothing”
  • Your zone of genius is a positive addiction - focused on actualizing your life’s purpose 
  • How to get out negative addictions like worrying and overeating
  • The success mantra you can use to push yourself into your zone of genius every day
  • And much more!