The Science of Success

How You Can Work Less & Achieve More by Mastering This ONE Key Principle with Perry Marshall

April 13, 2017
In this episode we look at what rabbit populations, craters on the moon, files on your hard-drive and the GDP of countries have in common, we discuss The power of fractals, the math of chaos theory, and what that all has to do with the 80/20 principle, How your understanding of the 80/20 is only the tip of the iceberg, how to generate 16x more leverage to achieve your goals, we go deep into sales wisdom from one of the world's top marketing consultants and much more with Perry Marshall.  
Perry Marshall is a trained engineer and one of the world’s most sought-after business consultants, helping clients across 300 industries by combining sales, engineering, art, and psychology. Perry is the bestselling author of several books including The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWord, 80/20 Sales and Marketing and Evolution 2.0.
  • How Perry went from being laid off and surviving on ramen and bologna sandwiches to becoming one of the world's top marketing consultants
  • How your understanding of the 80/20 principle is only the tip of the iceberg
  • What Fractals and Chaos Theory have to do with the 80/20 principle
  • What the pattern that Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados and hurricanes follow has to do with marketing strategy
  • Fractals are everywhere in your life, nature, and the universe
  • The raw power of the butterfly effect
  • How the 80/20 principles rules everything in your life and business
  • “Levers within levers, within levers” and how that can shape your focus
  • Where to find the tiny hinges that swing huge doors
  • What do rabbit populations, craters on the moon, files on your hard-drive and the GDP of countries have in common?
  • How to align yourself with the 80/20 principle and harness its incredible power 
  • Do you want to live in the IS world or the SHOULD BE world?
  • If you deal with reality the way it is things become effortless
  • Once you understand the 80/20 principle, it transforms what you focus on
  • How most problems in life are a result of being on the wrong side of the 80/20 equation
  • What is “racking the shotgun?” and why is it so important
  • Don’t focus on fixing the bad 80%, focus on reproducing the successful 20%
  • One of the jobs of civilization is to mitigate the 80/20 principle
  • The world will always condition you to focus on the underperforms (the 80%)
  • You can get “A's" in six different subjects, but you’re gonna make a living in ONE
  • If you try 20 projects, the law of 80/20 says 1 should succeed!
  • Failure is OK, you only have to go get rich once
  • The 20% is 16x more leverage than the 80% that doesn’t generate results
  • Everyone is in sales in some form or fashion in their lives
  • Sales is not a convincing people process, sales and elimination process
  • First thing you should do in sales is disqualify people as quickly as possible
  • Never ask someone who can say no but who cannot say yes
  • The key questions you need to ask to disqualify sales leads
  • The story of the $2700 espresso machine
  • The 8 different modalities of selling and how you can thrive by embracing your own unique sales strengths
  • And much more!