The Science of Success

Influence Anyone With Secret Lessons Learned From The World’s Top Hostage Negotiators with Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss

October 20, 2016
In this episode we discuss the secret lessons hostage negotiators around the world use to win the day, how to understand and influence people’s emotional drivers, the two words that can transform any negotiation, the biggest hallmarks of powerful master negotiators and much more with the FBI’s former lead international kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss.
Chris Voss is the founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group, an adjunct professor at Georgetown and University of Southern California. During his 24 year term with the FBI where he most recently served as the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator, Voss worked approximately 150 kidnappings worldwide, from the Middle East to Haiti including a number of high-profile kidnappings. Voss has been trained by the FBI, Scotland Yard and Harvard in the art of negotiation and negotiated with likes of terrorists, hostage takers, and bank robbers.
We discuss:
  • FBI’s behvaioral change stairway they use to negotiate with terrorists and hostage takers
  • Why emotional intelligence is at the forefront of business success today
  • How to leverage “tactical empathy” in your life to achieve the results you want
  • How to create leverage to influence anyone in the world by understanding their emotional drivers
  • Why you should never be mean to someone who could hurt you by doing nothing
  • Why understanding is NOT the same as agreement and why that is important
  • The biggest barrier to negotiation success is not complexity - its overcoming the awkwardness
  • How repeating the last 1-3 words someone said can have a huge impact
  • Why winning in a negotiation is not the same as beating the other side
  • The incredible importance of listening and how you can cultivate “active listening"
  • The power and importance of open ended and clarifying questions
  • How to draw out the hidden cards from the other side of a negotiation
  • The secrets hostage negotiators AROUND THE WORLD use regardless of cultural dynamics
  • The two most important words in any negotiation
  • The three different types of negotiator and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • How changing one question totally transformed the kidnapping negotiation for Jose Escobar 
  • Why Chris would “never lie to anyone he’s not going to kill"
  • Why Chris hates compromise in any negotiation
  • The “F Word” in negotiations and why you should be careful with it
  • One of the biggest hallmarks of powerful negotiators 
  • And much more!