How to Turn Your Life Into a Video Game & Level Up, With Author Steve Kamb

January 12, 2016
Improve your decisions, hack your mind, and master the psychology of persuasion with "The Science of Success".  This podcast will teach you the tactics and strategies to understand how psychology rules the world around us and what you can do to use that information to make yourself smarter and achieve your goals.
We're very excited about the guest we have this week on "The Science of Success": Steve Kamb, the "Rebel Leader" and founder of He's also the author of the new book Level Up Your Life
In this episode, you'll learn:
-How Steve's Epic Quest of Awesome changed his life

-How to achieve your New Year's resolutions 
-Using game mechanics to create accountability

-Overcoming the fear of changeHow to preserve willpower to make the best decisions 
-How to turn your life into a video game (using science and research!)
-Why its a good idea to floss a single tooth

-How to create your own batcave (like Bruce Wayne)
-The importance of the "progress principle" in forming habits

And much more!