The Science of Success

Never Eat Alone - How Relationship Expert Keith Ferrazzi Built His World Class Network

December 14, 2017
In this episode we discuss how to master relationships, go deep into cutting edge networking strategies from one of the world’s top connectors, examine how to unite people in collaboration and co-elevation, the power of generosity in building real and authentic relationships, how to let go of individualism, and much more with Keith Ferrrazi.
Keith Ferrazzi is the CEO and founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight and the best selling author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone. Keith’s Greenlight Research Institute has proven the correlation between specific practices that improve relationships, with business success. His work has been featured in several high profile publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, Inc, Fast Company, and around the globe.
  • Why you need to make the shift form networking to authentic relationship building
  • The importance of leading with generosity to build real authentic relationships
  • Are you still clinging to the rugged john wayne individualism and self focus?
    • Keith wants to shift that to recognition that the greatest things in our lives only happen via co-creation
  • Co-creation vs collaboration - it's one step beyond collaboration, going higher together
  • How do we commit to growing together in the process? 
  • Co-elevation is an emotional commitment
  • Traditional hierarchies and silos no longer serve us
  • You have to put in the work to bring about co-elevation and co-creation
  • Take full responsibility for all the relationships around you - take responsibility for making those people successful 
  • The victim mindset and how to defeat it
  • For someone stuck in a victim mindset - how do they start making the shift towards responsibility?
  • “What’s your blue flame?”
    • What really matters to others?
    • What drives success in their eyes?
    • How do you serve that?
  • Do you really know the blue flame of your boss? What does your boss truly care about?
  • How do you become a conduit for other people to achieve their goals? (And why that’s so important) 
  • Focus on fully understanding what a person needs, wants and how you can serve them
  • 2 Key shifts you have to make to get out of the victim mindset:
    • Understanding that it’s all on you to take action
    • Understand that it’s all about “them” (and the more broadly you define them, the more successful you will be)
  • You can’t unite people, you can’t achieve greatness, unless you know how to create “us"
  • Creating is the new competency of leadership
  • How do you invite this community into becoming a movement?
  • The 3 reason people don’t get on board with Co-creation
    • Laziness
    • Cowardice
    • Sense of Entitlement / Ego / Vindictiveness / Indulgence
  • You have no choice if you want to be successful other than to embrace relationship building
  • Practice is the KEY to building successful relationships and enabling co-creation
  • How success has impacted Keith’s networking tactics and strategies
  • As you become successful - the question becomes more and more about filtering and where to focus time and energy 
  • The earlier you practice, the more often you do it, the more concrete and impactful those behaviors will be 
  • All around you are extraordinary people - hang out with them and build them for the long term