The Science of Success

Pride: Why The Deadliest Sin Could Hold the Secret to Your Success with Dr. Jessica Tracy

January 26, 2017
In this episode we discuss PRIDE – and why it may not be the deadly sin that it’s often cracked up to be. We dig into how the research defines pride, examine the critical distinction between self esteem and narcissism, the deep importance of being able to accept criticism, and look at the difference between strategies of dominance and strategies of prestige with Dr. Jessica Tracy. 
Jessica is a professor of psychology at the University of BC where she also directs the Emotion and Self Lab. She is the author of Take Pride: Why The Deadliest Sin Holds the Secret to Human Success. She has published over 80 journal articles, book chapters, edited volumes, and reviews, and her groundbreaking work on pride has been covered by hundreds of media outlets, including ABC’s Good Morning America, NPR’s All Things Considered, the New York Times, the Economist, and Scientific American.
  • How Jessica defines Pride in a way that may shock you
  • How pride can also be positive
  • The two different kinds of pride experiences 
  • How one type of pride is linked to tons of positive outcomes (and the other has severe downsides)
  • The critical distinction between self esteem and narcissism
  • The truth about what narciststs and hubristic people feel deep down
  • We dig into research studies show about how people with narcissism deal with criticism 
  • The critical importance of being able to take criticism 
  • Why not being able to take criticism is a huge red flag for hubristic pride
  • We discuss Paul Eckman’s research on the universality of emotions
  • The expansive and visually apparent physical display of Pride and how you can recognize it
  • The fascinating finding from studying blind olympians and how they demonstrate pride
  • How pride can be a huge positive motivator to make you want to succeed
  • We dig into a number of specific research examples from Dr. Tracy’s research
  • How your emotions are “adaptive” and what that means
  • The adaptive benefits of pride and how it helps you achieve status
  • The critical difference between prestige and dominance 
  • We discuss whether a strategy of dominance or a strategy of prestige is more effective in creating the results you want
  • Would you rather be loved or feared? (we answer that)
  • We discuss President Donald Trump and how his strategy of dominance caught many people by surprise and serve as a fascinating real life case study of Dr. Tracy’s research
  • We discuss the concept of “self conscious emotions”, what they are, and why they are important
  • We discuss some of Dr. Tracy's research about shame 
  • Why its better to be guilty than ashamed