The Science of Success

Proven Practices For Building The Ultimate Competitive Advantage with Todd Davis

November 22, 2017
In this episode we discuss the proven strategies building effective relationships, why it’s vital to understand that the results you get in the world are a result of working with other people, how you can see the world from other people’s perspectives, tactics for building your credibility, how to get better feedback and much more with Todd Davis. 
Todd Davis is the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Franklin Covey and author of the new book Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work. Todd is responsible for Franklin Covey’s global talent development in over 40 offices in 160 countries and previously served as director of innovations, developing many of the company’s core offerings.
  • The culture of an organization can make all the difference
  • The nature of relationships between people becomes a companies ultimate competitive advantage
  • Todd’s lessons from working with and coaching hundreds of companies and executives
  • What did Sarte mean when he said that “Hell is other people?”
  • The ultimate way you are measured is by the results you get
  • You get your results WITH and THROUGH and other people
  • What we see determines everything we do, and what we do determines the results we get
  • Consider stepping back and understanding that their may be a different way to view things - that can powerfully impact your relationships
  • Ask yourself “have you considered the other person’s perspective?”
  • An exercise can you use right now to start to see the world from other people’s perspectives
  • The power of examining your real motives
  • How to avoid the pitfall of self deception
  • Journaling exercise you can use to understand your real motives
  • “The Five Whys” - keep asking why until you get to the root cause
  • The most effective, successful, and influential people start with themselves first
  • Be the change you seek in others
  • Your circle of influence vs your circle of concern
  • Why you should focus your time, energy, effort, and resources on things that you can impact and control
  • The power of asking “Can you help me understand something?”
  • Start with humility - the power of having humility in dealing with tough conversations
  • Proactive, effective people don’t wait for feedback, they actively go and seek it out
  • The 4 common reasons why we don’t seek feedback (and what you can do about them)
  • A great opening line for dealing with tough conversations and situations 
  • Seeking validation vs actually seeking feedback
  • How to “behave your way to credibility”
  • The 2 key components for credibility - character and competence 
  • The importance of taking the long view when building credibility
  • An exercise you can use to build your credibility over the long term
  • The single biggest mistake of influencing other people - not “walking your talk”
  • Make sure someone deeply understands your intent
  • How to communicate effectively with someone who is in an emotional state 
  • When emotions are high - that’s not the moment to start addressing the problem
  • With people - "fast is slow and slow is fast"
  • Take the time to let someone share, just try to understand them 
  • The socratic method of influencing people - if you ask the right questions, seek understanding, and uncover the real issues - you can solve serious problems
  • Todd shares a personal story that deeply impacts the lessons we discuss in the show
  • In the end, relationships are the most important thing.