The Science of Success

Proven Tactics For Getting What You Want & Persuading Anyone With Master Negotiator Kwame Christian

June 1, 2017
In this episode we dig into Negotiation. Why, no matter what you do, its essential to master the skill of negotiation, the barriers that prevent people like you from negotiating effectively, why the common sense rules of the real world are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions, the most powerful type of question you can use in a negotiation, the single biggest mistake you can make negotiating, and much more with Kwame Christian.
Kwame Christian is a business lawyer and owner of the Christian Law as well as the founder of the American Negotiation Institute. He also hosts the podcast Negotiation for Entrepreneurs, the top rated negotiation podcast on iTunes, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares powerful persuasion techniques.
We discuss:
  • Why the majority of the conversations we have are negotiations and its a vital skill to work on and improve
  • Whether or not you’re good at negotiation, you’re still going to be negotiating on a daily basis
  • The “Three Pillars” of Succeeding at Negotiation
  • What is “offensive negotiation” & how to maximize value for yourself
  • What are the “defensive” uses of negotiation? And how you can use negotiation to avoid bad outcomes and resolve conflicts
  • How you can use negotiation to build relationships
  • How to become comfortable with asking for what you want
  • The FIRST barrier everyone faces when they negotiate
  • The SECOND barrier everyone faces when negotiating
  • Rejection therapy and how it can transform and improve your ability to negotiate
  • One question you should always ask to see how much flexibility you have
  • The common sense rules of the real world are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions
  • How to use framing to transform a negotiation and conversation (with concrete examples from Kwame’s work)
  • How open ended questions decrease the perceived threat of a conversation
  • How to become a “puppet master” controlling the conversation while the other party feels like they are in control
  • How to cultivate information asymmetry and get the informational advantage in a negotiation
  • How you can lead someone down a logical path where they convince themselves of what you want
  • How do you develop the skill of asking questions
  • How you can practice and improve the skillset of persuasion
  • Why curiosity is a critical component of being an effective negotiator and communicator
  • Why you need to be able to be persuaded to be able to persuade
  • Why preparation is an essential component in a negotiation
  • How, specifically, Kwame preps for a negotiation (specific checklists, questions, etc)
  • The Three Characteristics of Master Negotiators
  • How creativity fits into being an effective negotiator and why you should try to find inexpensive ways to solve other people’s problems
  • The false belief that negotiation is a zero sum game
  • Why great negotiators go out of their way to try and solve other people’s problems
  • The single biggest mistakes you can make in a negotiation
  • One of the biggest barriers to moving forward in a negotiation
  • How to build strong working relationships, with trust, and free flow of communication
  • And much more!