Seven Catalysts To Creating Progress and Becoming A More Effective Leader with Dr. Teresa Amabile

November 3, 2016
In this episode we look at the single biggest factor that impacts your performance at work, the 7 major catalysts for creating progress in your life, we dig deep into the data to look closely at the correlations between mental states and actual performance in terms of creativity, technical skill, productivity and much more with Dr. Teresa Amabile.

Dr. Amabile is a Professor and Director of Research at Harvard Business School. She received her Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford. Her research investigates how life inside organizations can influence people and their performance. She has published over 100 articles in top scholarly journal and is the co-author of The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work, as well as Creativity in Context and Growing up Creative.

We discuss:
How offering a reward can undermine people’s intrinsic motivation to do something
We dig deep into the nearly 12,000 daily diary entries from over 200 professionals inside organizations that formed the foundation of Teresa’s research
We look closely at the correlations between mental states and actual performance in terms of creativity, technical skill, productivity and more 
How positive and negative work environments arise within organizations 
Your “inner work life” and why its so important (and you may not even be aware of it)
How external motivators can accidentally wipe out your true motive for working and achieving your goals
Why “Making Progress on Meaningful Work” is the single biggest factor impacting performance
An important and powerful tool that managers can use to help people do better in their work and have better experiences every day
The "intrinsic motivation principle of creativity” and why it matters to you! 
The largest disconnect between what managers think motivates their employees and what the research actually shows that motivates them
The 7 catalysts to creating progress in your life
The importance of having clear goals (what you’re doing and why it matters)
Why creating a culture where people learn from problems, failures, and mistakes is vital to success
The importance of control and autonomy in your work
How to create emotional support for your employees and coworkers
How small words of kindness and understanding can make a huge impact on productivity
The importance of setting daily goals for yourself - something you want to get done that is really core to your work
The importance of measurement and tracking your progress with a daily progress journal
The enormous impact of even a tiny win on your day
And much more!

If you want to master motivation for yourself and others, listen to this episode!

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