The Biological Limits of the Human Mind

November 3, 2015

On this episode of "The Science of Success", we explore one of the fundamental underpinnings of psychology: the brain itself. 


Your brain is a roughly million-year-old piece of hardware, designed to operate in the world of hunting and gathering, where dangerous animals and competing humans may lurk behind the nearest bush.



While our society has changed massively in the last 10,000 years (or even the last 500 years), our brains have not had time to catch up.



As a result, you and I are equipped with a tool that is riddled with shortcuts and processing errors, which can manifest themselves in mistakes, calamities, and all around terrible decisions.



To find out how you can get around these and make life a little easier, listen to this week's episode "The Biological Limits of the Human Mind".




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