The Science of Success

The Military Influence Training that Maps Out Human Weakness, Harnesses Confusion, and Triggers Obedience in Others With Chase Hughes

October 5, 2017
In this episode we discuss the darker side of how the US military influences human behavior - we touch on brainwashing, reading human body language, creating Manchurian candidates, how this one psychological bias can convince strangers to murder someone more than 80% of the time, how to profile someone and search for their weaknesses, and much more with Chase Hughes. 
Chase Hughes is the founder of Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories and the amazon bestselling author of The Ellipsis Manual. Chase previously served in the US Navy as part of the correctional and prisoner management departments. Chase speaks on a variety of topics including brainwashing and attraction and frequently develops new programs for the US Government and members of anti human-trafficking teams around the world.
We discuss:
  • How seeing "how weak and vulnerable everyone was" transformed Chase’s worldview
  • Is it possible to create real world Manchurian candidates? 
  • Why you’re grossly underestimating the work necessary to read human body language and understand human behavior
  • Why the typical strategies of influence won’t work unless you can profile and understand the individual - and tailor what you’re saying and doing to meet that individuals weaknesses and needs
  • One of the best things you can start doing every single day
  • Simple questions you can use to “disengage someone from autopilot” and break the pattern they are stuck in
  • How you can develop “FIC" to hack human behavior 
    • Focus
    • Interest
    • Curiosity
  • The “RAS” - reticular activation system - constantly looking for things that are threats and things that are socially valuable
  • Social authority and perceived authority are more important than influence in shaping human behavior
  • How the Milgrim experiment fundamentally demonstrates the incredible power of the authority bias
  • The one strategy that can be effective influencing strangers to commit murder more than 80% of the time
  • The 5 key factors you can use to hack authority and trigger an “obedient” response
    • Dominance / ambition 
    • Discipline
    • Leadership
    • Gratitude
    • Fun /  sense of adventure
  • When we interact with authority we go through an “agentic” shift - our brain shifts responsibility for our own actions onto the person who instructed us to do it - you can make people take extreme behaviors if you get them to give YOU responsibility for their actions
  • Master yourself first before you can influence others
    • Master environment first
    • Master your time - keeping a plan and sticking to it
    • Master the mechanics of your habits
    • Master your attention span
  • Tactics for mastering authority today
    • Express genuine interest in other people and make them feel INTERESTING not interested
    • Remember the phrase - LEADERSHIP through SUPPORT
  • The people who think they are alpha males are usually NOT the alpha male - big dogs don’t feel the need to bark
  • The Columbo method - make deliberate social errors, be vulnerable, start with an insecurity - that helps open people up to influence
  • Chase offers a challenge to you - Talk to a stranger every single day. And once that gets easy, you have to push out your comfort zone even further. 
  • The Texas crosswalk study - why wearing a suit makes you more likely to get people to follow you than wearing jeans
  • Why you should ask unique questions and do unique things
  • The 3 tools you can use to develop a profile of anyone
  • There’s no vaccination to being socially vulnerable - if you become socially invulnerable it makes you a nasty person - it diminishes your ability to connect with others and takes away your ability to feel empathy and anxiety for others. 
  • Be completely real with your self, and with others, as it can help build more genuine connections 
  • Trying to manage your own behavior and body language really starts to suck up alot of your own “CPU power” and Chase doesn't recommend it 
  • How you can watch a video of an interview or interrogation - using this special tool - and decode the behavior and determine 
  • Why a polygraph is usually no better than a coin toss and is typically biased against people telling the truth
  • How Conan Obrien can help you become a better human lie detector
  • Simple exercises you can use to start RIGHT NOW to develop an understanding of human body language and behavior 
  • The concept of embedded commands and how you can use them to make a person have a thought without it being conscious of it
  • Confusion statements and embedded commands - they will go straight to the subconscious
  • Why you should ask yourself "What does this person like to be complimented on, what makes them feel significant”
  • And much more!