The Science of Success

This Powerful Factor Controls Your Decisions And 86% of People Have No Idea It Exists

July 6, 2016
Do you think you’re in control of your thoughts and actions?
What if things totally out of your conscious experience of reality actually controlled your decisions?
What if random phenomenon – like the music you just heard, or the words on a billboard, changed the way you thought, moved, and the decisions you made?
The power of your subconscious mind is much greater than you realize.
As Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman puts it in his book Thinking Fast and Slow: “You cannot know this from conscious experience, of course, but you must accept the alien idea that your actions and your emotions can be primed by events of which you are not even aware.”
In this episode of the Science of Success Podcast we dig deep into the Priming Effect – the way that your environment can shape your decisions, actions, and thoughts without you ever even realizing it.
We discuss:
-The powerful factor shaping peoples decisions that 86% of people were totally unaware of
-What caused voters to care more than children’s parents about funding the school system
- How “like ripples on a pond” primed effects can shape and define our behavior in huge ways
-How the word Florida makes people behave like the elderly
-Another mental model to add to your tool-kit
-And much more!
Do you want to get smarter and make better decisions? Listen to this episode!