The Science of Success

Why Everything You Know About Time Management is Wrong with Best Selling Author Rory Vaden

May 24, 2016
In this episode - we dig into the truth about time management, uncover the reason that most time management thinking is wrong, and learn how we can give ourselves permission to multiply our time with our guest Rory Vaden. 
If you feel like you never have enough time and your todo-list just keeps growing, listen to this episode!
Rory is the best-selling author of Take The Stairs and Procrastinate On Purpose, an award winning entrepreneur and business leader, a self discipline strategist, and co-founder of Southwestern Consulting. 
We discuss the following topics:
-Why everything you’ve heard about time management is wrong 
-The one calculation that changes everything in your time managemnet
-How to do things today to create more time tomorrow
-How to tell people “no” in a kind way
-How to create "compound interest" for your time
-How to overcome the fear of delegation
-How to overcome the emotional barriers preventing you from multiplying your time
-Why time is NOT money
-And more!